A Fantastic Organic Day Spa Los Angeles Residents Can’t Miss

Organic Day Spa Los Angeles Residents Can’t Miss

You need to be able to find a way to relax, and soothe some of the tensions of the week. Some of us choose to go to bars, or to eat junk food and snacks, but if you are more concerned with your health, then you might consider visiting our spa. We can provide you with a range of excellent, high-quality services and we believe that we offer a fantastic day spa Los Angeles residents shouldn’t overlook when they are wondering what to do to unwind. We offer a range of select care packages designed to rejuvenate and refresh our clients.

Welcome to our spa

We are located in Burbank, and our spa is one of the first to combine both eco-friendly designs with an organic treatment concept. Our building itself is influenced by Asian and Moroccan styles, with an emphasis upon renewal, whether that is mental, spiritual or physical. We encourage the use of organic herbs, spices and oils, plus the gentle noise of water fountains, in order to enhance your sensory experience and to give you a sense of peace and tranquility which we believe will benefit the treatments that you select.

A top-quality spa

We are an award-winning spa, offering a range of traditional spa treatments, from massage and acupuncture to body wraps, waxing and bath treatments. We also give you the options to purchase specialist Eminence Organics health and beauty products. We have a specialist acupuncturist, graduating in Oriental medicine, and providing acupuncture diagnosis and treatment sessions for a variety of different problems including allergies, back pain, insomnia and other conditions. Acupuncture treatment is also available for rejuvenation purposes, helping to reduce wrinkles and lines including crow’s feet and bags under the eyes.

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Baths and massages

The main purpose of our spa is to allow visitors to relax, and to flourish under our treatments. When visiting the day spa Los Angeles residents may choose to have a series of different massages, ranging from gentle rubbing of the skin to enhance rejuvenation to more intense deep tissue massages to stimulate muscles and skin. You may also choose one of our specialist bath sessions, such as the Manuka honey drizzle bath. To book an appointment, or to find out more about our specialist spa treatments, visit our website, call us on 818-848-4772, or email us at contact@raorganicspa.com today.

Organic Day Spa Los Angeles Residents Can’t Miss

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