Enjoy Gentle Pressure with an Asian Massage in Los Angeles

Asian Massage Los Angeles

A massage is one of those really great experiences which everybody should enjoy at least one time in their life. If you have never had a massage before, then you are really missing out on a fantastic treat. In particular, you can now experience a deeper level of expertise and relaxation with a variety of Asian massage Los Angeles. By offering you this, we can show you how really great the often overlooked massage can be.

Thai Massage and Pressure Points

The Thai massage is one of the most familiar Asian massages to have traveled to America. This method uses a series of stretches and compression to work upon the body, reaching tendons and ligaments, muscles and joints all across the body. The message will use hands, elbows and even feet in order to achieve this massage. There is something uniquely pleasurable about the gentle rocking, pulling and acupressure of the massage which is considered to boost circulation, ease tense joints and improve your flexibility.

Shiatsu Massages

Another very oriental style of massage is the traditional shiatsu of Japan. This focuses upon the pressure points, which relates to the meridians of acupuncture. The fingers only are used, giving a very deep pressure which is intended to release blockages within the energy, and focusing the massage upon particular areas. This type of massage has been shown to benefit several ailments, such as neck and back pain, muscle strain, muscle aches and fatigue. This simple massage can help to overcome the common aches and pains of modern office life, and is well worth the investment.

Asian Massage in Los Angeles

Other Varieties of Massage

Alongside our range of traditional Asian massage in Los Angeles, we can also provide you with our unique acupuncture massage. This combines the customized massage designed to relax the body with a session of acupuncture, designed to stimulate the circulation of the body and relieve aches and pains, restoring balance and relieving tension. We offer this as a unique massage style, one which is unavailable anywhere else and which will give you a unique treatment. You could also combine the massages with any other therapy at our spa in Los Angeles, making it a fantastic day out or a unique treat. To get the pleasure of a professional Asian massage, call us on 818-848-4772 today, or visit our massage page online to view all of our treatment options.

Asian Massage in Los Angeles

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