rA Organic Spa is dedicated to wellness, health, and exceptional service while providing an exclusive ambiance.

We have made our Membership option very simple with special pricing for an annual membership purchase. Our contract is designed for you to want to be a member. Enjoy!

60-Minute Treatments Annual Membership
Your annual membership includes twelve (12) 60-minute treatments of your choice.

90-Minute Treatments Annual Membership
Your annual membership includes twelve (12) 90-minute treatments of your choice.

Choose from a variety of facials, scrubs or massage modalities, such as deep tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Thai, Shiatsu & Acupuncture. All treatments are subject to availability.

Membership Enrollment

Your membership is not transferable and pricing is ONLY FOR YOU. If you don’t use your 60 minute treatments, your unused treatment(s) rolls over for the next year. Enjoy Membership (7) days per week; facility use only during scheduled treatment(s). Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials. Spa gift cards, Spa Finder nor Spa Wish may NOT be used as payment for our exclusive spa membership.

Please read our membership terms and policies before enrolling in our spa membership program.

Call (818) 848-4772 or contact us for full details or should you have questions.

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