Shiatsu Massage

An ancient Japanese  method of pressure-point massage applied to various acupressure meridians. Treatment is...

Thai Massage

This style of bodywork uses compressions and stretches to energy lines, muscles, ligaments, tendons...

Swedish-Balinese Massage

Prepare to feel pampered in this combination treatment of gentle stretches, long strokes, acupressure...

Herbal Foot Massage

Begin with treating your tired feet in a hot tub with a mixture of...

Face Massage

Pressure techniques and gentle strokes are applied stimulating the blood vessels under the skin,...

Pregnancy Delight Massage

Find relief in this treatment specifically tailored for the “mother to be”. This massage...

Deep Tissue

A variety of modalities are used to relieve muscle tension and troublesome aches. This...

Hot Stone Massage

A massage using water-heated basalt lava stones are used to promote relaxation. Heated stones...
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